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Cooking with Emilie: Smoked Chilli and Vegetable Soup

Prep + cooking time: 10 minutes (give or take for boiling the soup)
Level: Very Easy

What you'll Need:

2 cans of chopped tomatos (Napolina is a good brand)
1 tablespoon Smoked Paprika powder (pictured*, La Chinata)
Half an  orange pepper, chopped
1 can of mixed Pulses (it's more of a hearty mix than mixed beans, but you can still use this.)
1-2 teaspoons of chilli flakes (depending on how spicy you want it)
1 tablespoon caster sugar (to balance out the chilli and acidity in the tomatoes)
1 cube of Vegitable stock (knorr do a great one), in 500ml boiling water
A handful of plum tomatoes

Optional but a great serving suggestion: Cholla bread with white sesame. It goes PERFECTLY for dipping in.

A blender, saucepan and a wooden spoon 8D

Take one can of the chopped tomatoes, and half the can of mixed pulses (drained and rinsed lightly)
and pour in 200ml of the Vegitable stock, followed by the plum tomatoes, and blitz them in your blender
until smooth.

Pour this into a large saucepan with the rest of the pulses, tomatoes, chopped orange pepper and the remaining stock.
Set your hob on a medium heat, and just give everything a good stir.

After about a minute or two cooking, add in the chilli, paprika and sugar, and stir it in thoroughly.
Bring this all to a soft boil and then turn down the heat to low, simmering for another 2 minutes.
Do a taste test, add any more chilli or sugar (not too much though!!) to your liking, and then serve.

I enjoyed my soup with a chunk of Cholla bread, and I think any crusy roll (or perhaps toast) will go with this.

GET COOKING!! ^_____^

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Customs and Closet Child

In the end, I had to pay customs on the dress that got sent to me in a swap. God I hope it's bloody worth it and that it fits. O_O if not I think I will go blind crazy.

Closet Child wise, They got the postage wrong on the boots I ordered... So I had to pay an additional 4,000yen! grr. It's ok though, I thought that 2,000yen was pretty damned cheap for a pair of boots I could practically bludgen someone to death with. 8D

Boots in question :

(I am so going to fall over in them...)

On the downside, I now have no money, and need to get out of my overdraft again. yaaay.
Time to sell things, So keep your eyes freshly peeled.

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Emilie does a Wishlist

I'd thought to cave in and make a "Lolita Wishlist" after all this time.
It's probably going to be filled with nice impossibilities, and expensiveness.
So - Here we go, F-list!
Collapse )

Now I am off to WORK!

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Vlogging and Meetups

just incase you didn't catch my post on any one of these four comms:

I am planning a meet for this saturday, which will be featured in my New Classic Lolita Vlog!
I want everyone to dress up to the 9s and to have a fun time!

I am buying my Camcorder tomorrow after work! (hopefully) so I can film ya all!
I might pose little questions as well....
Which I will need to plan now... haha.

On a random note - I have a bit of orange skin stuck to my arm?!?!! o_O

Ciao ♥♡♪♫

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Emi-ShockL Brighton....has....

CYBERDOG?!!!!!? I GIGANTIC STORE?!!? (lol replacing Gunns flower shop - where I got my mini hat bases from)
it's AMAZING....I.... damnit. I bought a tshirt.
And spent about an hour in there.

Tried on one of those headsets I have always wanted, £175 is exactaly what they are worth! Beautiful things.
They light up n everything~!

the changing roms are spacious, and awesome. They have normal lighting, a fan, and UV lighting to see how it would look
clubbing!! (clever, no?)

On the other hand, I bought lots today.... Shouldn't have. But I needed some clothes for the upcoming 'spring'
and want to dress fairy-kei/pastel-kei.
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Video Making: Lolita Style

I have been thinking over the last couple of days now, that perhaps I should start Vlogging.
More of as a little project, rather than vlogging for my mundane day-to-day activities *such as Starbucks. "how I had to throw some chavs out from upstairs AGAIN today"  etc*

I was thinking; Would anyone be interested in seening a tips/agony aunt/ guide to classic lolita/ lolita in general ??

Rather than pilfering through EGL or such, I could offer almost a live nice video blog that maybe some would benefit from.
Or just enjoy.
Or complain that it would get too much like "The Princess Portal".

But taking into account I am a bad blogger when it comes to updates, I thought that engaging in something more visually interesting
would be my best bet in getting news etc across.

Before I ask for feedback on this idea, here are some things I would like to include:
  • Reviewing makeup items either generally from Japan, or those mentioned in various GLBs
  • Advice on other styles of lolita (I always seem to find this mainly about sweet lolita?!)
  • Decorating straw hats! 8D / other fun activities to attempt via video over the 'net.
  • Coordinates with a smaller wardrobe / acheving different styles of lolita with few colours/items
  • Cooking! (mainly baking, or trying recipes in GLBs / online finds)
  • Filming meetups / interviewing other lolitas
  • and Shopping! I might go on excursions to find bits and bobs etc.

So, yay or nay?  Please give me pointers / ideas and opinions!
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Now I know why it snowed....

MANA SMILED!! (i.e - Hell froze over)
And also. As much as I think Mana is awesome, he should..really...REALLY
stop dressing like a girl now. Maybe he is smiling because he knows this, and that
he looks a little silly.  Though, his smile is adorable *pinch cheeks*

Mana-sama, you look (quite frankly) HOT very handsome in your Aristocrat garb,
so stay this way please :D

On another note - I am sewing Blythe clothes today, so I will post those later.
I promise not to dissapoint!!!

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OK, the XMAS C75 and Mandarake/Animate DOUJIN STASH!

ok, From L to R i will list the names of the doujins, who they are by and where i got them from!

First up - you guessed it ... CODE GEASS!!

SO MANY!! 8D ok L-R:

"~Weide und Monde~" by ao*kanji* lol i need to decode this one / PG / C75

(ClovisxLloyd! - Kanon finds Clovis' ghost and he gets Kanon to say things for him!! TOO CUTE! )

"It Tastes Sweet" by b23 (lol i am sure it does, Rolo...) RoloxLelouch R-15 / C75

*cannot read all of title* by LovelaDoll/ Nadeshiko Fujibakama / Luluxsuza / R-16 / Mandarake 

A BL Geass Collab Collection by D-Amb and Like Hell. LelouchxSuzaku/Rolo/Schnizel(novel only) R-18 / Mandarake

"Knight of 66(Rolo)" Rolo Anthology!!!! by 14 ARTISTS!!! Doujin and Novels Rolo*Gino*Anya*Suzaku! PG-13 / C75

"Heated Heart" by Prymary RoloxLulu R-18 / C75

((OMG NOT THIS ONE)) "Moral Crisis" ((indeed!)) by RAIJINOH.  SchnizelxJeremiah / R-18(XXX!) / C75 O___O;;

Nitro+Chiral <33

"Pussycat's First Scandal!" by Erophilia. Everyone in Lamento! R-18(ish) / C75 (got free chocolate of Rai!!)

"GO GO Shampoo Hat" (actually not kidding!) by Kuruizaki. GunzixAkira R-18 / C75

"Kemono iru" by Jiro Shimizu&MIKE. AsatoxKonoe/BardxRai/Devils PG C75

Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler

*cannot read T^T* by Heavenly. SebastianxCielxLau *nosebleed* SHOTA R-18 / Animate

"Bloody Game" by Kurimonakaya. SebastianxGrell PG / Mandarake

Terra he... / Toward the Terra / To Terra

"*english* No Life King*" by Ehoba. BluexJomy R-18(but beautiful!) / Mandarake

"tsudoi" by UTA/K.N.D . JomyxBlue (lol they put Jommy) PG-15 / C75

"Matsuka no Hiki" by K.N.D . MatsukaxKeith (that's right!)  R-18 / C75

That's All folks! will post other things later!! but this is all the doujin. Now.
which of each set, would you like to see scanned (doujin only, novels by PM request)


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