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Cosplay Musings

It has occured to me that I miss posting here. As my oh-so-wonderful Yaplog idea turned into well, thin-air.

So I will update on my serious thoughts of this and next year's cosplays!

This Year's Plans

MCM Expo May: It's going to be Riyoko Ikeda weekend for me!
On the saturday, I am cosplaying the ever-so androdynous Oscar Francois de Jyarjyes
from Rose of Versailles. A classic character in her own right, gaining almost as much fame
along side the non-fictitious Marie-Antoinette.

On the Sunday I will be cosplaying the lady in my current icon: Mariko Shinobu, from her other work
(Much known for it's controversy at the time) Oniisama e (Dear Brother). A little psychotic, clingy,
and oh-so ojou-sama - it seems like the right thing to do for me. Hahahahaha.aaaaahh......

Summer: I really, REALLY still want to cosplay Mikaila from Godchild. and I would loooovee
to have a Jezebel and/or Cain to go with.. You know - matching is fantastic.

I will NOT be attending MCM October this year... rather, in favour of WHITBY GOTH WEEKEND YAAAAY!!
I will hopefully be doing my Sarah costume from Tanz der Vampire for this~ (In hope that more people
will recognise it there than at an anime convention!) I will also be moseying along with The Krolock family
and Alfred!

For the Cosplay Ball - I will be re-using Sarah and going with my lovely, same group! How fitting a theme it shall be!

I am still tempted to do Shii Arisugawa (NB: Shunya Yamashita's Arisu. not the Utena one!) for summer to
announce to the world that I will have lost weight and toned slightly (haha, nothing like good H-cosplay to sort
out my worries!)

Next Year's Plans

So. All I have planned for next year thus far, is another H-cosplay: Shinrabanshou's Astaroth.
Still deciding whether I should go "All-out" and make wings as well as the armour....
Nothing like spending £260+ on A PAIR of contact lenses... ehe.
For the awesome-factor of it. I think i should make a donation drive for them. haha.
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