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Gothic Lolita/ Madame-Aristo checklist

I have seen on lots of western lolita blogs that this is getting quite popular to do so.
As much as I often hate to jump on the bandwagon, I thought this was a nice idea.
So this is my own Checklist to how I dress and how I love living.
  • Can relax to a classic horror movie
  • Doesn't neccasserily talk to herself, but more to the dolls she owns.
  • Always has loved "familiar" animals like Kitties and Bats. (SO CUTE!)
  • Thinks that floaty, sheer/netted fabrics are a must to an outfit.
  • The longer you try finding items to complete a fantastic outfit, the better and more accomplished you feel.
  • Still loves/appreciates cute things like Sanrio + San-x but also:
  • Finds pretty creepy things "cute".
  • Wouldn't mind a handsome "Ankoku-ouji" to come and whisk her away.
  • If she doesn't have a Coat or Jacket to go with a certain outfit, she will still go outside saying "I want to show this off, rather than be warm".
  • Conversely, in Summer, If she wants to wear a certain thick-fabric'd dress, then will stay in the shade and drink iced coffee.
  • Ratio of Long>Short dresses is getting bigger O_O
  • Thinks that there is nothing wrong with pre-20th CE etiquette becomming habitual in everyday life.
  • If individuals should make fun of yourself, make sure they see your elegantly-crooked eyebrow and vacant stare rather than retorting.
  • Thinks that "Elegant Gothic Lolita Aristocrat Vampire Romance" is a halarious but fantastic string of words.
  • Doesn't JUST wear black for a "gothic" outfit.
  • Makes sure she is up-to-date with the releases of Juliette et Justine, Atelier Boz and Moi-meme-Moitie.
  • Loves hosting Aristo-dinner-parties, and would love to do more.
  • Her favourite colour is Cream/Ivory - and loves making herself look all ghostly and edwardian.
  • Thinks that Gimmicky goth-sounding food like Pret's "Dracula orange juice" must be consumed at some point.

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