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new things and blogs

Ok people!

I have a blog on Yaplog now that is specifically for fashion coordinates.

One of the reasons that I have started this is because

And It will arrive around next thursday.

So this means, I will be able to post awesome photos
and decorate it awesomely.

Phone: 902SH. It's from 2004, but it's still bloody better than most phones now in
the UK. lul.

Blog:  http://www.yaplog.jp/emichoco

After Georgia's persuasion, I have bought two sweet lolita dresses.
Probably a few more to follow so I have "summer" clothes.
Also....I bought a new doll..... more info on her soon....

Also... I ordered deco parts for the phone + other items!
might be doing deco things to sell!! yaaaay.

ok I am signing out now ~~~ xxxx

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